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Solution for Social Media Managers

Unleash Potential, Drive Growth! 🔥 Transform your social media into a powerhouse of growth with our AI planner & scheduler. Users report an average 350% increase in audience engagement! Don't miss out – elevate your brand today and make every post count!

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Grow your business:

Manage all your promotions in one place.


Create dedicated workspaces for each product and brand.

Connect and manage all their social accounts, all in one place.


Set up approval workflows.

Use approval workflows to improve collaboration your team.
This feature enables you to allow your team to review and approve posts before they are published. Additionally, you have greater control over assigning specific tasks or restricting certain actions.


Post Metadata information.

Use post metadata information as an audit trail for all post data. This record displays all post details related to drafting and publishing information.


Postly solutions.


Real ❤️ stories, real success: what our customers say!

These are not just reviews; they are experiences, memories, and stories of people embarking on journeys just like yours.

Thousands of businesses use Postly to transform their brand on social media.

Join their ranks.

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