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Schedule posts on Telegram

Dominate Telegram with our cutting-edge AI-powered post scheduler.

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    Telegram scheduler

    Official API:

    1. Schedule Telegram posts: Postly uses the official Telegram API for integrations. This ensures that our users have the best experience, security and protection.

    Schedule Telegram posts:

    1. a. Publish Images and Videos.
    2. b. Publish a maximum of 9 images per post.
    3. c. Supported media formats: MP4-recommended, WebM, Mov.
    4. d. Publish content via the default @postly_bot.
    5. e. Publish content via a customized Telegram Bot (check Telegram platform connection page to customize a bot).
    6. f. Maximum upload size for Photos is 5MB. For other files, it is 20MB

    Telegram account connection:

    1. a. Telegram only publishes to Groups and Channels created or administered by you.
    2. b. Connect the Telegram account on Postly dashboard (platforms page).
    3. c. Add @postly_bot to Telegram Groups and Channels created or administered by you. Give admin access to the Bot
    4. d. To avoid conflicts with similar bots, kindly ensure that @postly_bot has your Postly logo
    5. e. You can use a custom bot to create a branded experience. Let your customers view your brand across all channels.

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    Links scheduler

    Publish image and video links:

    1. a. Use direct link - that accesses the image or video directly: e.g. This is an example of a direct Video URL: https://myvideo.com/cat.mp4
    2. b. YouTube video URLs are NOT recommended for publishing to TikTok and Instagram. Please use other video platforms.

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    Platform connection permissions

    Platform connection permissions:

    1. a. You must be a Super Admin (LinkedIn), Admin (most platforms), Manager(Google Business Profile), Channel owner (YouTube) to the accounts. Content Admin and other sub-admin roles are not allowed.
    2. b. Please accept ALL permissions while connecting your account.
    3. c. Some account connections expire every 60 days, ensure to reconnect your account periodically for a good experience.
    4. d. Reconnecting your account does not affect already scheduled posts, they will still be published at the scheduled time.
    5. e. Note that logging out of your social platforms, changing your social media account password, or login details will affect your connections here, reconnect to ensure a good experience.

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    Multiple accounts connection

    Multiple accounts connection:

    1. a. Some platforms do not allow multiple accounts on the same browser session.
    2. b. You would have to first sign in to all your Facebook accounts on a different browser tab and then switch to each to connect it to Postly.
    3. c. Alternatively, you can sign in/sign out to one account at a time, while connecting each to Postly.

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