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Twitter connection instructions

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    Twitter scheduler

    Official API:

    1. Schedule posts on Twitter: Postly uses the official Twitter API for integrations. This ensures that our users have the best experience, security and protection.

    Connect via the free Developer API key:

    1. Due to the high cost of the Twitter API as reported in the media , we now use the free Developer API key for our Twitter connection.
    2. Signing up and getting the API key is simple and easy to accomplish. This change will help us manage costs while still providing you with the necessary functionality.

    How to connect your Twitter account to Postly:

    Meta API

    Red Number 1Sign up to Twitter developer account:

    Red Number 2Create a Project and App. Also set up the App authentications

    1. a. You must have a V2 Project and an App created for this to work. You can use the default ones created when you signed up.
    2. Sample response to the question: (Describe all of your use cases of Twitter's data and API?)
    3. "I want to grow my Twitter audience. My strategy involves arranging the timing of my tweets, and thread posts for my followers as a way to cultivate an audience.
    4. The rationale behind scheduling is to share content during periods when my followers are engaged, rather than being restricted by my personal online presence. I intend to primarily utilize POST requests to execute this approach.
    5. b. Website, privacy and terms? Provide your own website, privacy and terms URLs.

    Red Number 3Add the Call-back URL. Click  
     to copy.

    Red Number 4Generate or Regenerate (if you already did this before) your API Key and API Secret.

    1. a. These are the keys required for connecting on Postly. You must generate these keys from the Consumer Key section. See guide below.Use the copy icon button on the Twitter dashboard to copy out the keys.
    2. b. Use the copy icon button on the Twitter dashboard to copy out the keys.
    3. c. Paste the keys directly on the Postly dashboard connection page.
    4. d. Please note that pasting the keys on normal document applications such as Microsoft Word, Google doc, Notes etc, might add some formatting to the keys and make them invalid.
    5. e. If you must keep them, you need to use non-formatting applications such as plain text tools e.g. Notepad or Password Manager tools.

    Having issues with your Twitter connection?

    1. a. Watch the demo video on this guide page carefully and follow the instructions.
    2. b. Review your account setup and share the following screenshots or video recording with the customer service agents.
    3. - Screenshot 1: Showing your project and app
    4. - Screenshot 2: showing the Call-back URL.
    5. - Screenshot 3: showing that you generated your API key and API Secret key from Consumer keys.
    6. c. Ensure you copied the keys directly from Twitter to Postly using the copy icon.
    7. d. Ensure to regenerate the consumer keys, if you made any changes, and then try to connect again on Postly dashboard.
    8. e. Engage support via the dashboard app or via [email protected] for further assistance. Ensure to provide video recordings or screenshots of your connection screens and error messages.

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Screenshots and illustrations

Twitter set up

1. Create or edit and existing Project and App

Twitter set up

2. Set up Authentication for a new app or edit an existing one

Twitter set up

3. Enable read/write and direct message setting

Twitter set up

4. Add the Call-back URL

Twitter set up

5. Copy out your API keys

Twitter set up

6. Connect your Twitter account to Postly

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