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Solution designed for Businesses and Agencies.

Postly supports the growth of your marketing agency through AI-powered, customizable, and scalable social media management software, complemented by dedicated five-star support aimed at driving your commercial goals.

  1. The White-label offer:
  2. 1. Domain customization (enjoy Postly on your custom domain).
  3. 2. Brand customization (custom brand name, colors and logo).
  4. 3. Email customization (receive email notifications and product emails from your custom email address).
  5. 4. Report customization (custom branded PDF reports).
  6. 5. Stripe connect (receive payments from your clients).

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Best in class Recurring post tool. Publish evergreen content at scale.

Revitalize your social media strategy with Postly's Recurring Post feature! Tailored for businesses and agencies, this tool lets you schedule and automate evergreen campaigns, ensuring your brand stays relevant and engaging. Say goodbye to constant content planning; with Postly, your key messages will consistently hit the mark across top platforms.


Streamline your social media campaigns

Maximize efficiency with Postly's Bulk Post feature! Perfect for businesses and agencies, it simplifies publishing across top social media platforms achieving up to 80% time savings and a 300% growth in audience engagement. Launch campaigns in bulk, save time, and boost your online presence.

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Collaborative campaign publishing

Streamline your campaign publishing with Postly's Approval Workflow feature, designed for businesses and agencies seeking seamless collaboration. This tool bridges the gap between creation and publication, allowing teams and clients to review and approve content effortlessly. Enhance communication, ensure brand consistency, and expedite your go-to-market process. Embrace the power of teamwork with Postly's Approval Workflow and elevate your content to new heights.


Insightful campaign intelligence

Transform data into strategy with Postly's Analytics feature! Tailor-made for businesses and agencies, this powerful tool offers comprehensive insights into your social media campaigns.

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Real ❤️ stories, real success: what our customers say!

These are not just reviews; they are experiences, memories, and stories of people embarking on journeys just like yours.

Thousands of businesses use Postly to transform their brand on social media.

Join their ranks.

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