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IG Carousels and Reels, Twitter auto-Threads and Polls, Link Preview, and a lot more.
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Social media marketing made easy

Promoting your business on social media requires you to be active 24/7. However, Postly cuts that time to just 30 minutes a day!

Here are 4 ways Postly can help you.

Generate quality content faster

A lot of marketers have testified that Postly AI is good.

Free Image and Video Editors built just for you

Design, edit and repurpose your media assets.

Collaborate with teams and clients

Shared Workspaces, Calendar, and a robust approval Workflow.

Publish on the best social platforms

Write once, publish everywhere with One-Click publishing.

Generate content faster with Postly AI

Social Media

Create unique, engaging marketing copies with just a few clicks. Seo-friendly and high-quality content made in minutes! Say goodbye to writer’s block!

Product Description

Cut down on time and cost for content research as well as provides high-quality marketing content.

Digital Ads

As an advertiser or a digital marketer, spend less time trying to figure out which type of ads to create – use the AI Writer instead!

Sales Copies

Reach more customers, generate more sales and increase your overall ROI by using AI Writer. Start generating high-quality sales copies with AI Writer now!

Business Emails

Write better business emails. Be more professional, persuasive, etc. Postly AI will provide the best tone for the moment.

Blogs and Websites

Copywriting has never been so easy. Postly AI gives you the leverage to standout. Quality content and 10X faster!

AI Art

Describe the image concept and Postly will turn that text into an amazing, high-quality image for your marketing campaign.

Design and collaboration tools

Design Images, Videos, and Links while working in shared Workspaces

Image Editor

Auto-fix faulty images, and transform and repurpose them for different platforms.

Link Shortener

Link Shortener is good for marketing campaigns. Link Shortner also allows marketers to create short links with expiry dates.

Video Editor

Auto-fix faulty videos, and transform and repurpose them for different platforms.

Approval Workflow

The approval workflow is an automated process that routes your posts through team members and clients for review and approval.

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