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Members and workspaces.

Organize, schedule and monitor all social media activities with workspaces.

Do you want to create workspaces in bulk? Download the CSV file below to get started.

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What is a Workspace?

Instagram IconA Workspace is a dedicated page for your brand, product, or clients.

Instagram IconYou can invite your team members and they work together to manage the content strategy and publishing.

Instagram IconEach Workspace is secure and private.

Instagram IconTeam members in different Workspaces do not have access to view or interact with each other.

Instagram IconAll the features are built on the Workspaces.

Instagram IconA Free Plan user on a premium Workspace (invited) will access premium features of the Workspace.

Instagram IconA Premium user on a Free Workspace (invited) will access only the free features of the Workspace.

How to create Workspaces in bulk.

Instagram IconYou must adhere to the CSV template format.

Instagram IconDo not delete or rename any of the header information. Delete any columns.

Instagram IconThis CSV template file hosted online cannot be edited directly, please make a copy or download it as a CSV file before updating it with your own content.

Instagram IconDelete all the instructions on the CSV file before uploading.

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