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Design and publish your social media marketing campaigns at scale

Generate Content
Generate quality content, and publish faster with AI, with
smart Image design and editing tools to boost your campaigns.
  • AI Writer and AI Art
  • Blog Writer
  • Digital Ads & Sales Tools
  • Auto-fix faulty images
Publish Everywhere

AI powered social media scheduler with seamless scheduling of posts on Instagram and beyond with free AI content generator 

  • Top Best Social Platforms
  • One-Click Publishing
  • Auto-gen Twitter Threads
  • Live Preview
Unlimited Premium

Postly makes publishing easy, with the best generative AI tools,  team collaboration, dedicated workspaces, and a lot more.

  • Unlimited Social Channels
  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited AI Usage

Write Once, Publish Everywhere

One-click publishing to the best social platforms!

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Mobile Ready

Publish on the go with the FULL Postly experience.

  • Normal and Recurring Posts
  • Postly AI
  • Analytics
  • Access to all features
  • Instagram Personal accounts
  • Instagram Creator accounts
  • Facebook Stories & Reels
  • Facebook Personal profiles


AI Powered Social Media Scheduler And Social Media Manager

Thousands of businesses and Agencies across the world depend on Postly for managing their social media campaigns

Campaign Automation

  • Unlimited posts
  • Write once, and publish to all platforms
  • Auto-generate Twitter Threads
  • Live preview to review and edit specific content
  • Auto-fix faulty images across all platforms

Team Collaboration

  • Unlimited team members
  • Dedicated Workspaces for clients and projects
  • Add team members, including your clients
  • Role-based privileges
  • Review and approve posts before publishing
AI Writer

Create unique and engaging marketing copies with just a few clicks. Seo-friendly and high-quality content made in minutes! Postly AI Writer is based on the latest model from OpenAI, however, it is fine-tuned to meet your business needs.

AI Art

Describe what you want and Postly will generate quality marketing campaign images for you. Postly AI Art is based on the latest model from OpenAI and is fine-tuned to meet your business needs.

Blog Writer

Postly has provided an AI Blog Writer for all your content research. Blog Writer is based on the latest model from OpenAI, however, it is fine-tuned for business, marketing, and sales use cases.


social media report

Measure and monitor your growth.
Postly helps you track the key performance indices that matter, the insights and trends to enable you make informed business decisions

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