Approval Workflow

Get your posts approved by your management team or Clients before publishing.

What is Postly Approval Workflow?

The approval workflow is a 100% automated process that routes your draft post automatically through some team members who have designated roles for approving the posts. All that is required is for you to set your Workspace to the right approval process category – this can be done on the Workspace Settings page.

How it works

  • The Workspace is set to require approval. This is done from the Workspace Settings page.
  • The Editor drafts and schedules a post
  • All Approver and Owner roles are notified of the post needing approval
  • Depending on if single or multiple approvals are needed (also set in the Workspace Settings), the members would approve the post as required
  • They can also reject a post, with comments

Basic rules

  • Do not edit a post undergoing approval, rather you must reject the approval and make a comment in the space provided. Once rejected, the Editor will be notified to update and re-schedule.
  • You would not be able to approve your own post even as an Owner role, the best practice is to set the “Allow owners’ Post(s) go through Approval?” button to OFF. That way, your posts will be scheduled without needing approval.

Setting up your Approval Workflow

There are different approval processes you can set on your Workspace, these are pretty much self-explanatory:

  • Approvals are not needed for publishing.
  • Approvals are enabled but not required for publishing
  • A member has to approve the content before publishing
  • 2+ members need to approve the content before publishing

For the Owner roles, their posts have an additional setting that can toggle on or off to make their posts through the approval process or not.

OFF – their posts will not go through the process even if the Workspace is set to require the approval workflow.

ON – Their posts will go through the approval process as long as the Workspace is set to require approval workflow.

The Team

The team structure

The marketing and promotions team is pivotal to the success of any business or brand. Postly provides a robust platform to manage both your internal teams and clients/stakeholders. There are clearly defined roles and privileges which allow each to have access to certain levels of information, features, and functionalities.

The Owner role has the highest privilege. You can give access to this role to as many people on your team as you want. The role has the sole privilege of the following core tasks.

  • Create more Workspaces
  • Invite Team Members or Clients to Workspace
  • View and manage Platforms
  • Modify the Approval Workflow process
  • Remove Team Members

Therefore, if you find yourself or any team member not able to access or perform any of these tasks, you need to, first of all, check if you or they have the right Owner access.

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