Recently switched to Postly for managing my Social Media Accounts for scheuduled postings. And wow, am I happy!

The Tagline of Postly is “Write once, publish everywhere”. They surely keep that promise with the largest selection of targets you can think of. There is Facebook, Instagram (even with Reel Support!), Twitter, LinkedIn. That’s, what most Social Media Scheudulers are able to do. But Postly has so much more: Google my Business (Google Business Profile), Reddit, Telegram, Pinterest, YouTube and even TikTok!

The Interface is clean and you can work intuitively with all the settings. Postlys Web-App is fast and the upload of the Social Media Posts is reliable. It simply works.

What else can I say? They do have an AI-Content-Writer that I haven’t tried yet but sounds interesting. Pricing is very affordable for what you get in return. A “no brainer”.

That’s one of the most complete and easy to use Packages for a Multi-Social-Media-Post Manager I ever worked with.

I am glad that I found Postly and will use it for all my Social Media Posts in the future. If you need a service like that, please give it a try. I am sure you won’t regret it!


I don’t know what kind of magic they embedded, but Postlys Upload to “Google my Business” works better than the original Google Uploader!

When I uploaded the pictures by hand into my GmB Account, they always got cut (reframed). Now I just uploaded one with the Postly Uploader to GmB, and the picture was NOT cut. That really mesmerized me…

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