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Auto-shorten Twitter Links

Due to Twitter’s link shortener, all links, regardless of length, count as 23 characters (currently). Please use Twitter’s way of calculating link length, to avoid splitting a tweet into a threaed unnecessarily.

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Re-post Already posted content

would be great to have the option of reposting/reschedule a post that we have posted in the past, without having to manually copy-paste the caption and pictures etc.

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Please support Mastodon as a platform. Currently, I have to use scheduler.mastodon.tools, which is one extra step every time.

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Browser extension

I’d love to see a browser extension that posts highlighted text to a selected group of platforms.

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AI Chat

Timeline: April 2023

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Trends for You v2.0

Discover content, view trends – from specific areas of interest, keywords and locations. Timeline: TBD

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Timeline – May – June, 2023 – (project would be delivered in modules)

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Social Inbox

Timeline: TBD Ability to view and respond to:

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Mobile App

Timeline: May 31, 2023 Mobile app will facilitate scheduling on the go as well as enable the following features.

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