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Shorter links are usually better to work with

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Link Shortener for marketing campaigns

No need to switch browser windows for the most basic tasks. Want to shorten a long link, then Postly got you covered. Link Shortener also allows marketers to create short links with expiry dates.


Sweeten your marketing campaigns

Shortening URLs is a great way to sweeten up any marketing campaign by sharing your content in the most convenient way.


Start making your links more effective!

Link shortening is a great way to improve campaign efficiency and amplify exposure. With Postly Link Shortener, no more link-shortening headache and you can save time as well as focus on your campaign.
Join the thousands of brands who’ve taken their marketing to the next level with Postly Link Shortener.

NB: Shortened links will not display Link Preview

Link Preview does not display on Shortened Links, this is because such links are routed via the Link Shortener server. This additional layer interferes with the Link Preview, making it impossible to render and display.

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