When you launch your Startup business, you suddenly realize how competitive the space is. Almost every industry is either saturated or getting there, so what to do? 

You must have to niche down…

Customers constantly move from one platform to another. This could be due to:


As businesses grow, they tend to grow in all aspects including pricing. The prices go out of reach of a certain user base.

Feature limitation and evolution:

 Most businesses either transform or pivot completely from the original scope.

This makes it hard for a certain user base to continue enjoying the services they are used to. They then move to other platforms seeking such features.


As a new entrant into such an industry, what you must do is find a USP that works for a certain segment of the users… could be the transit users. Once you can capture and serve them, that would be your launchpad. 

At Postly, this is what we are trying to do. Despite the crowded social media marketing tool space, we are trying to craft a niche with people that have many channels (100s of Facebook pages for instance), and who just want to schedule their posts. Postly provides micro-services such as Content Planner, Idea Space, Circle and Collaboration to help the users come up with good social media marketing campaign ideas and be able to design good campaigns.


Boost Social Engagement

Schedule your Posts with Postly and have more time for other things.

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