Republish old posts with ease on Postly

It’s no surprise that there are a plethora of social media strategies available on the internet today, especially given the importance of social media in both our personal and professional lives. With so many strategies and formulas to choose from, delving into each one would require more than a couple of blog posts. However, there is one strategy that should be at the top of your list of social media practices for 2023 and beyond, which is republishing your best-performing posts.

Republishing already-published social media posts refers to the act of reposting or re-sharing content that was previously published on your social media accounts. It involves taking a post that has been previously shared with your audience and reposting it at a later time, either on the same platform or a different one. The republished content can be an exact duplicate of the original post or may undergo slight modifications to suit the current context or to target a different segment of your audience.

Republishing can be done manually. You can re-share some of your older posts by going through each and every one of your published posts, downloading the media attached to the posts, copying the captions, and then publishing them one by one across the relevant social media platforms. This time-consuming process, as described here, is the very reason for the addition of our latest tool to Postly’s arsenal of updates. We’ve made it simple, eliminated the need to go through this time-consuming process, and ensured that you can now republish old social media posts with the click of a button.

How To Republish Posts Using Postly

Here are the simple steps to publishing an already-published post using Postly: Simply log into your Postly dashboard and browse through all of your previously published posts. Once you’ve decided which post you’d like to republish, click on the three dots beside the post to open the publishing panel and select ‘republish the post,’ and you’re ready to republish that post.