How Postly’s Metadata for Posts improves SEO and increases Engagement

You might not have known, but you can effortlessly add metadata like “Alt Text” to your Pinterest posts directly from Postly. Our latest update not only makes it easy to add Metadata but It allows you to effortlessly view the audit-trail log of your scheduled and published posts. As part of the update, we’ve made it much easier to view the Metadata on your posts across all social platforms.

Logically, we know that everyone’s question is, “What is Metadata?” and “How does Metadata help me?” In this blog post, we will attempt to answer these and, hopefully, many more questions.

What is Metadata?

Metadata refers to descriptive information, or “data about data,” that provides additional context and details about a particular piece of content. In the context of social media posts, metadata includes information such as timestamps, location, tags, hashtags, and user engagement metrics. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the discoverability, organization, and understanding of your social media content.

Why Metadata Is Relevant To Your Social Media Posts

For large teams, metadata is very useful in mapping out the digital footprints of your media properties. Valuable data like the names of the post creator, platforms it was posted on, subsequent edits, published date and time, etc., are all gathered from every single post made using Postly and can be viewed from the comfort of your dashboard, ensuring that you maintain a birds-eye view over your content and social media posts.

Improved SEO: helps Boost discoverability and increase traffic by optimizing pins with descriptive “Alt Text” on Pinterest and Google.

Increased Engagement: Provide extra context and encourage click-through rate with informative Alt Text.

Richer Pin Descriptions: By utilizing metadata fields, you can provide detailed descriptions that enhance search engine rankings.

Better Reach: Content is identified by Search Engines using the  “Alt Text” rather than the File Name.

Discoverability: Adding metadata, like hashtags and keywords, can be super helpful for people who are looking for specific topics or content. It makes it easier for them to find your posts and discover what you have to share. You can make your content more visible and reach a wider audience by adding relevant metadata to your posts. This will help make it more accessible to everyone.

Categorization and Organization: Metadata is super helpful because it helps you organize and categorize your social media posts. This makes it way easier for you and your audience to find exactly what you’re looking for. So convenient! You can make sure your posts are properly categorized and grouped with similar content by using tags, locations, or other metadata options provided by Postly. It’s a great way to organize your posts!

Context and Relevance: Another reason why metadata is super helpful is that it gives your posts some extra context and additional information. It’s great to include some context when sharing content so that your audience can better understand its purpose, location, or background. Metadata is super helpful for making sure your posts are relevant and connected to specific topics, events, or trends!

Analytics and Insights: Metadata unlocks advanced social media analytics. It’s great at helping you keep track of how well your posts are doing. You can analyze important metrics like engagement rates, reach, impressions, and click-through rates. By taking a look at metadata-driven analytics, you can discover some really interesting things about your audience’s behavior, what kind of content they like, and how well your social media strategy is working. It’s pretty cool!

Targeted Advertising and Personalization: Social media platforms use metadata for targeted advertising and personalization. Algorithms can use the metadata you include in your posts, such as your location or interests, to deliver more relevant ads and content to you and your audience.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Protection: Metadata can be really helpful when it comes to protecting copyright and intellectual property! Adding metadata, like watermarks or copyright information, to your posts is a great way to show that you own the content and protect it from being used without permission. It also helps prevent plagiarism.

In conclusion, metadata is just one of the many updates and features that we will be incorporating into Postly in order to keep it simple to use and to provide you with the best experience possible.