Assemble Your Social Media Dream Team With These Tips

Building a social media dream team of freelancers for your business means figuring out the right moves ahead of time. For instance, you’ll want to have a set of standard practices in place before trying to recruit a skilled freelancer so you can ensure that you’ll attract the best talent. This can be anything from finding online tools that will be beneficial for remote workers to setting pay and perks into place for those who aren’t full-time employees.

 It also helps to know where to look when you’re ready to search for individuals with specific social media skills. Postly is a great place to start. You can also put some business structures into place before you do any hiring so you’ll be able to jump right into a project once you find the right people.

#1. Start an LLC

 There are several different types of business structures and they all offer their own pros and cons, but an LLC is often the easiest for small business owners to form. They offer protection for your personal assets in the event of business-related litigation, and they also provide some freedom in the way you run things while ensuring less paperwork than a corporation. Different states have their own rules about how to create an LLC, but all you have to do is get an idea of the requirements and then hire a formation service to take care of the actual filing. Not only will this ensure that it gets done correctly, but it will also save you money on attorney fees.

 #2. Look in all the right places 

Once your business structure is in place, you can start looking for your social media marketers with the assurance that all the details are taken care of. Knowing where to find the right people is essential, so narrow down your requirements into keywords such as graphic designer, copywriter, IT expert, etc. Think about what your hiring practices are before creating a listing on a freelance site. What will draw talented individuals to your job posting? What benefits can you offer a person who isn’t full-time? Consider, as well, which type of work you can offer that meshes well with remote opportunities, as these positions are often easy (and beneficial) to fill. 

#3. Make communication a priority 

Managing a team of social media freelancers–whether remotely or not–requires excellent communication between all the parties involved, so, as Dialpad notes, you’ll want to have a few tools at your disposal to make this easier. There are many apps available these days that will help you and your team collaborate without a hitch no matter where you are, and you can also take the time to get organized with your onboarding process to ensure that everyone is on the same page as far as training or learning your needs goes. 

#4. Create a collaborative environment 

When you have great communication, your team will work more smoothly together. However, Idea Drop points out that it’s still crucial to make sure you create an environment that is inclusive, welcoming, and collaborative so that everyone feels that they’re being heard. Conducting weekly or monthly meetings, recognizing each individual’s hard work, and listening to their needs will go a long way toward providing a work environment that both full-time and freelance employees want to be in.

 Hiring social media marketing experts is a great way to find the best talent while remaining cost-efficient, but it pays, in the long run, to plan your hiring strategies carefully. This way, not only can you make the most of a wide variety of skills, but you can also make sure your freelancers are a good fit for your company and will keep coming back to work with you.

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